Monday, October 22, 2007

More Baseball Please

Finally, the AL Championship Series is over so now we know who will be getting swept by the Colorado Rockies. It wasn't too surprising that the Red Sox managed to win once they sent the series back to Fenway. Of course, I wouldn't have guessed that the heroes of the last two games would be Dustin Pedroia and J.D. Drew. Now we just have to wait until Wednesday for the championship series to start. Normally, I favor the AL team in the World Series, but this year it's all Rockies. The Rockies (along with Tampa Bay) were part of the first expansion that happened in my lifetime, and I followed them from their inception. I've been to several games at Coors Fields and they've all been a blast, and I even have a Dante Bichette jersey around somewhere. I am interested to see how they will hold up against Boston in the Series especially after the eight day vacation they created for themselves by making quick work of the D-Backs. It will also be interesting to see what the media picks to talk about between these two teams, related to either on-field or off-field activities.

By far the best subplot of the Cleveland-Boston series was the story around the Indians hiring game five starter Josh Beckett's ex-girlfriend to sing the national anthem... during game five. The media ran with the story assuming that it was going to bother Beckett having his ex at the game singing the national anthem before the game and God Bless America during the 7th inning stretch. Best quote of the series: "I don't make those *expletive* decisions. Thanks for flying one of my friends to the game so she could watch it for free". For me it's funny for two reasons, one that he swore during the quote because it wasn't remotely necessary, and also because it is such a stupid idea that having her at the stadium would effect his performance. I'm sure that Beckett was mostly just tired of being asked about how it would effect his game but he showed that it made no difference, he came out, pitched great, almost started a fight and got another win (all hallmarks of a great start).

Anyway, the ALCS game seven from last night was about the only thing I got to watch this weekend because I spent the whole *expletive* weekend in the lab again. As you might have gathered, I'm getting somewhat burned out as today is consecutive day number 29... It's possible that after day 30 or so, the "*expletive*" will be replaced with the actual expletive. Most likely, no one would be offended, but I feel the need to censor myself a little bit. Plus I don't know who all is reading this for sure, and I wouldn't want someone to use foul language against me in a potential future political campaign or something. You never know.


mannyed said...

Hi! Came by from Kim's blog. Ooooh, please, ooh please, I know we just "met", but, if you could work some biochemistry type magic in your *expletive* lab to let the Rockies crush the Soxs and win the world series, I'd greatly appreciate it.

--- Yankee Fan not enjoying the *expletive* post season.

Andrew Skaff said...

I'll see what I can do! Go Rockies!