Thursday, October 4, 2007


Right now I am in the banging my head against the wall phase that I described in the "Biochemistry" post a few days ago. Things at work are a real struggle... why do I even bother coming in to work some days? It is pretty disheartening to spend a 12 hour day in the lab (yesterday) with nothing positive to show for it. But again, that's science and it's the career path I have chosen.

Somehow though, the current struggles at work haven't effected my general mood - maybe it's because I just don't care about this series of experiments. I can tell that my boss isn't exactly happy with the current results, but the success of this project isn't entirely tied to me alone, there is... another. The boss knows that I've been working diligently on this project (while maintaining my own project) and he knows that it has me incredibly frustrated so I think he's just giving me some space to get things taken care of. This has to be close to finished so I can move on back into my own research and away from this side project. I will be free from it soon enough... one way or another. Then I can start banging my head against the wall on some other project.

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