Friday, October 19, 2007


Today marks three meaningful events in this simple blog's history. This happens to be the 25th post, meaning that I have been more diligent in writing than I had anticipated when I created it. Additionally, the blog has a second official reader that is willing to make comments... Thanks Mike! (I know you've been reading, but thanks for commenting) And it also is the first time that I have scrapped an entire post because I didn't like the direction that it took. Sometimes I have a tendency to get a little to the sarcastic side and the post that I had originally written this afternoon was so overdone that I couldn't even bear to publish it. I actually felt bad after writing it, what the hell? Anyway, I'm glad that I started it over.

I really don't know where these posts are going when I write them... I start with some idea then just start writing and I just let it go where it goes. Sometimes I end up rewriting parts or rearranging, but this is the first that I have actually just wiped and started over. It may be possible that I am not in the best mood at this time. This afternoon I realized that this is my 26th straight day of work without a full day off (and that includes, somewhere in the middle of the streak, my birthday - I have not really enjoyed the last month). I really don't want to be here (I say as I am still in the lab - 10 pm on a Friday night) - but the streak will continue until at least next weekend - this weekend is pretty much a guarantee as it is now. This will push the streak to probably 33 days, which, just might break my grad school record. As you can probably tell... I have no life. This sucks! I need more friends, a girlfriend - or at least some good reason to get the hell out of the lab.

Yesterday - Rehashed

This is really a different topic, but I don't really want to make a whole post out of it for some reason. A couple people have commented to me about how my day yesterday "sucked". Actually, it wasn't that bad because I wasn't in the lab for the entire day. The post "highs and lows" from a few weeks ago pretty much describes the day pretty well. It is rather unusual for me to go through an entire cycle in a single day - but I sometimes impress myself. The morning wasn't so great, and blowing out a tire on the highway was actually not that bad because it was unexpected (sad isn't it, changing a tire on an interstate can be considered "good" because it was unplanned, haha). I worked for a while, then went bowling with a friend in the evening. (On the topic of bowling - I used to bowl a lot through high school, then stopped when I went to college and just started a little again a few weeks ago. The series I had yesterday was one of my best ever - all three games over 200 and only three open frames in the whole series! I should have gone pro... yeah right.) After bowling I had a nice dinner with friends... then unfortunately, went back to the lab, got results that were incredibly poor, then got home about about midnight. Long day - yes - but really had the full cycle, but I really can't say that it was a "bad" or "crappy" day.

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