Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I am going to come out and say that I was actually looking forward to the new comedy series called Cavemen based on the Geico commercials. The commercials themselves are pretty funny, but how could they adapt a 30 second spot into not just a 30 minute sitcom, but a whole series? I wasn't expecting that much from the show, especially since they've been on a constant promo rampage in preparation for the airing. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they had managed to make a show about cavemen more high brow (can it be high brow if they have a ridged brow?) than some of the shows that are clearly supposed to be catered to a more intelligent audience (Big Bang Theory and that other new one with Kelsey Grammer - both of which were almost unwatchable).

The concept of the show was to place cavemen in current society and have them deal with life and trying to fit in. All of the cavemen characters dress like everyone else, have jobs and one is even working on his dissertation. It was enjoyable to watch the show on different levels. The dialog was constantly amusing, but watching cavemen play squash wearing white shorts and white sweaters or grunting like primates while playing a Nintendo Wii boxing game was pure comic genius. Simply giving the cavemen names like Andy, Nick, Joel and Maurice was humorous. Having the characters deal with interspecies relationships was the main story line for the first aired episode where one of the characters reveals that he is dating a "sape". Hilarious. One more reason the show worked for me - no laugh track. I will be watching this show again.

Best line from the first episode: "Keep your penis in your genus."


kilax said...

Is it some big Geico promo or a different thing all together? I haven't even seen a commercial for it, but it kind of sounds like something Steven and I might like :)

Andrew Skaff said...

No, it's not like a half hour commercial or anything. You guys would probably like it.