Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Since I started graduate school seven years ago, the only writing that I have been doing has been scientific writing. Let me just say that it is rather bland. After finally deciding to write this blog a month ago, I think that my creativity has started to return. A long time ago... back in high school, I used to do a fair amount of creative writing - mostly associated with classes, but a little just for the fun of it. My brother suggested that if I were to write some stories, I could post them, or parts of them, on this site. Actually, I think that the idea is a pretty decent one, and I just might do that. I actually have two ideas that I'm working on in my head at this very moment. Maybe in a couple weeks I will post excerpts, or the entire thing if they aren't too long.

Without giving too much away, the first story is about a reporter that uncovers a conspiracy related to an event from the ML baseball playoffs. There will be a science twist in this story just to see how well I can blend things together that I find interesting... It will also have a character that will recur in probably all of the stories, to some extent - Dr. Frank Wesfad. The second story will be about an amnesiac, but I'm not sure where this one will be going. I'm also not sure if Dr. Frank will be the amnesiac, or just appear in the story. The amnesia story is so weak right now that I don't know that much about it, but we'll see where I end up taking it.

Out of curiosity, what do the reader(s?) of this blog think of having stories, or parts of stories appear here? Anyone? What the hell kind of name is Wesfad? Is it possible for me to become any more of a nerd?


kilax said...

Hmm... stories are okay. But I sometimes lose interest. That's my honest opinion. I think you should still give it a shot though! I can tell you're a good writer :)

Mike Wehrman said...

Guess I'll be the second person to post here. Frank Wesfad is a pretty good name for an anagram...will he be your alter ego?

Feel free to include someone named Herm Weikman or Hank Wiemer in your stories. Or a sexy love interest...Carmina Hewhelm.

Andrew Skaff said...

I should have known that Mike would discover my (not-so) clever anagram for the protagonist in my stories. Hank or Herm may now appear as... a nemesis of Frank's. I'm pretty sure that I don't particularly like the idea of making an anagram of a man's name as the "sexy love interest". That's a little too disturbing, in my opinion... unless said love interest turns out to be a transvestite or something.