Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Honored and Disgusted

This post will be about two very different topics, but I feel compelled to address both.

First off, I feel honored to have been mentioned and linked to in a post from my sister (in-law technically, but I consider her to be my sister anyway, especially because of how much crap as I've given her in the past), and I would like to welcome and thank those that followed the link from ilaxstudio.com to see what is going on over here. I can now officially say that my posts are "well written" and "thought provoking" because someone else has actually said those things in print. Without the quotes, it would just be bragging, right? My list of compliments on this site now include "well written" and "thought provoking", for anyone that's keeping score. However, I beg to differ with her comment that her site is not either of those statements. I very much enjoy reading what Kim has to say and she has actually inspired me to follow in her virtual footsteps. I'm sure that everyone agrees that you do a great job, Kim. Keep it up!

The second topic, about being disgusted, is work related. Today is consecutive day number 30 in the lab and was incredibly frustrating. My "side" project has taken up so much of my time that now on Tuesday, I've already put in almost 30 hours of work this week (that's if you count Sunday on this week). My brain is a little strained working on now two full projects and managing a "rookie" graduate student on little sleep and not much relief on the horizon. My guard has slipped a little from feeling worn out, and I'm not entirely sure, but I may have actually told my boss to "shut up" this afternoon. The statement was directed to my coworker who was on one side of the door making a comment under his breath to me, but my boss had just walked out the door (still open) but had made the last audible statement. Of course he heard me say "shut up", and gave me an odd glance, but heard me laugh and I think he assumed that I wasn't talking to him. I would never say that to my boss and I think he knows that, and he didn't act any differently towards me during rest of the day, so he must have dismissed it. But it did lead to a little tension in my day, then a bunch of jokes with my coworker for the rest of the day. After I reached the ten hour mark in the work day, I think that I realized why one experiment may have failed and has given me an idea of where to go from here. So it might be that I turned the corner - and might get to take the weekend off... I just hope that my hunch is right, and I can turn this feeling of disgust into relief.


kilax said...

Thanks Andrew :-)

My post that I deleted this morning was about how pissed off I am that my boss told everyone to put in 8 extra hours each week... where she came up with the number, who knows. I linked to your "contingency" post and talked about how I was going to try to go with the flow more - like you... but then I re-read it and realized I was being a whiny byotch, and that you have it much worse than me anyway :-(

So I hope your hunch is right too.

Gina (Mannyed) said...

Wow, now I feel really bad for giving you another side project to work on (Rockies World Series thingy). But the first game is tonight, and I'm going to need that project to be completed soon. :o)

Hope that made you laugh and not add to your disgust.

Mind if I add you as a link to my blog?

Andrew Skaff said...

Kim - I was curious which post you were going to link to and I'm sorry that you were having a difficult time with your boss. I'm sure things will work out fine.

Gina (mannyed) - I'm always up for a side project revolving around baseball. If the Rockies get through Beckett and win Game 1, I'm predicting sweep - if not, it's going to be more difficult. If it's not work related, then it won't be adding to my disgust. Feel free to add the link to your site if you want. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Andrew.... WOW.. it's like I somewhat know you now. So now next time we are together with Kim and Steven we can talk about things. Other then u being mean to me and making fun of me.. Or trying to attack me with a knife. :) OK?

Andrew Skaff said...

Courtney - when was I mean to you or make fun of you? I remember trying to attack you with a knife, but those other things?

Anonymous said...

Alright at least u say your attack me with the knife. LOL :) I think I seem to remember someone making fun of how I eat ??? It's all good I still love yeah :) Hey! At least u helped me eat my dinner at Kim wedding reception. That was very nice of u.