Thursday, October 11, 2007


The advancement in technology in the sciences always amazes me. The work that I completed today using an automated system out at KU would have taken me 14 straight days of work (and that's continuous work) if I were to collect data one sample at a time in my regular lab. The total amount of time that it actually took to collect all of that data today...... 45 minutes. WTF? And this was just a short test to make sure that the automation was working properly. For the next trip to KU, I will be doing four times the number of samples. If you're doing the quick math, that would be two months of continuous work condensed into just part of one day... PART OF ONE DAY! You have to appreciate technology when it makes things easier.


kilax said...

Ha ha ha. You're such a dork. Is that where your brother gets it? ;)

"Yes, I love technology!" Name that movie, Andrew!

Andrew Skaff said...

I'm pretty sure that Steven gained his dorkyness independently from me.

Sorry, I'm not enough of a nerd to know lines from Napoleon Dynamite... but just enough of a nerd to search the web to find out which movie the quote was from.

kilax said...

ANDREW! I thought you would have that movie memorized by now... since I think you still have my copy...?