Wednesday, October 24, 2007


My boss seems to think that my explanation of what's going on with my side project is valid. Basically, I bought myself two days to validate my hypothesis - and I'm actually going to pass that work off to my "underling" and let him shoulder the burden. If I'm right, then the project will stay with him and I'll just return to my supervisory role on that project (for a couple weeks, before he goes on to another lab). If my hunch is not right, then I'm probably back to square one and most likely here for the weekend... again. This time, I actually think that I might be right, so it is possible that I will be able to break my consecutive days worked streak after Friday (which would be day 33 for those of you that are counting).

What would I do with a free weekend? I'm having difficulties remembering even what I used to do with free weekends? Maybe I shouldn't be getting my hopes up, since things in science can turn south extremely fast... and with someone else doing some of the work, it can sour even faster. I'll just keep my fingers crossed that he doesn't destroy the lab while I'm out at KU tomorrow. Oh the other hand - if the lab were to be destroyed... Honestly, I haven't met a single researcher that hasn't had that glorious image at least once. But since I'll be out at KU, I will have most of a day out of my lab. However, I will be in someone else's lab in another city, which is different, but it's still work. I do like the trip out to KU, probably just because it's abnormal compared to a typical day in the lab - but much better than changing a flat tire on the side of the interstate, which I did describe as being a "good" time a few posts ago.

Well, enough about work. I'm off to check out Game 1 of the World Series with some friends. My prediction - if the Rockies beat Beckett tonight - the Rockies sleepwalk through the series and make quick work of the Sox in a four game sweep. My prediction for tonight's game Rockies win 6-4. Go Colorado!

Bonus: I did see this article posted on Yahoo!'s main page this afternoon about the top 25 action heroes and it's worth checking out (,,20153598,00.html). I definitely agree with the Number 1 choice. Great movie, great action.


kilax said...

Ideas for the weekend:
come visit your brother and SiL
sleep in and play video games all day :)

How did Tom Cruise make it onto the list? Just kidding, we own all the Mission Impossible movies.
#20 - Antonio Banderas in Desperado - what a bad ass!
#16 - Have you see The Professional? Great movie as well - Natalie Portman is in it ;)

Still haven't seen any of the Die Hard movies...

Gina (mannyed) said...

and so it begins. what a blood bath last night.

things to do on your weekend off: nothing. i wouldn't even get out of bed. you deserve it.

Andrew Skaff said...

kilax - I actually almost made plans to come out to Chicago next weekend to see Coheed and Cambria, but I don't think that's going to work out. I'll make it out sometime... hopefully somewhat soon.

The Professional was a fantastic movie.

WTF? You haven't seen any of the Die Hard movies? I can't believe that your husband hasn't made you watch them. See the new one - it was freakin' awesome!

Gina (mannyed) - The Rockies don't look so hot in Boston, maybe a change in scenery will do them some good.
A weekend doing nothing sounds great... if only.

kilax said...

Just make the move out here, seriously.

Maybe Die Hard should go onto our Christmas list... and The Professional, for sure!

(bleh, Christmas)